Catch Flights, Not Feelings Zebra Print Battle Vest

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Catch Flights, Not Feelings Battle Vest

1 of 1 Custom Upcycled Garment

  • Large Back Screenprinted back patch
  • Featuring patches from: Venom Dolls, Submersive Image,  Ethereal Fiber, iLL Art Collective, and Savage Village Collective.
  • Multiple screenprinted locations
  • All patches have been sewn to ensure years of wear
  • Studs have been secured at clasp points
  • Upcycled Zebra Print Applique

Countless hours of labor and love have been poured into this piece. It is backed by  a 4 year warranty for any repairs needed.

Care  Instructions:

Handwash only! By no means should the owner ever wash a Kutte. But if you absolutely need to, we strongly recommend hand wash ONLY! Hang dry, the vest should never be put into a dryer.